Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Imagery Paragraph

1.Why did you select this particular passage?
Why did it appeal to you?
I chose this particular passage because I found it the most interesting passage so far in the book.
It appealed to me because there was lots of descriptive words which made it very appealing to my eyes.

2. What type of imagery is most common in the passage?
The most common imagery in this passage is visual imagery because I see it the most often.

3. What is the best snippet of imagery within this passage? Why is it so effective?
The best snippet of imagery is " The sun was falling in the haze of distant factories, and in the adjoining slums the scatter of glass picked up the raw glow of the smoggy sunset." The first sentence is the most effective in this passage because it uses lot's of descriptive words to describe the background.

4. Is the imagery positive or negative? How do you know?
Give some words as examples to support this.
This imagery is negative and I know this because the author uses a lot of negative words like : darkness, haze, funeral, muted, dying, impossible

5. What mood/emotion is being created by the author in this passage? How do you know?
The mood that is being created is a depressing mood because the author talks about funerals.

6. What is the purpose of this piece of imagery?
The purpose of this piece of imagery is to tell the people that are reading it about this depressing time in his life.

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