Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Imagery Quick Write

As I'm walking in this beautiful valley with flowers and baby deer I feel free and everything seems to peaceful and it seems like there is nothing for miles and miles. Until I see this little house right on the edge of a cliff that smells rotten, like my grandma's basement. I creep closer and see all these dangerous cracks and infestations of all types of bugs.

I see the little girl, in her pale pretty red dress staring at me like I'm worthless and disgusting. On the other hand, she smells like morning dew on my roof when I wake up after it poured rain. I wish I could tell her how I feel, how old and depressed I am. Oh how I wish I could walk like her the feeling of being free I would do anything for.

I walk into the molding and dingy house and I feel like someone is here with me, watching me. This rusty bookshelf catches my eye and this one gold book stands out to me. I hesitate for a second as I carefully grab the book from the bookshelf. I open up the pages carefully for they seem fairly fragile, and I start reading the first page.

I can feel this skinny girl inside of me I feel weird but I also feel a sense of belonging and happiness as she opens up one of my owners books. The words are too small to see from up here if only I could make out the tiny black words.

As I read the book I feel the ground crumbling beneath me, I take a step back and it occurs to me at the very moment that there is something under the house. I let out a silent cry as I look out the window and see the cliff turning into a sharp edged cliff. I take a deep breath of the fresh air and take a second to smell the flowers and hop out of the house to see that it now has metal claws. That book must of been magical, I whisper to myself.

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