Thursday, 7 November 2013

Summer 2014 Bucketlist

1. Swim with dolphins in Florida
2. Meet Elena Brooke
3. Get really tan from the sun instead of a spray tan
4. Have a huge water balloon fight with 20 friends
5. Buy a slip n' slide
6. Get tumblr famous
7. Get 30k followers on instagram
8.Go on a road trip
9.Tan on the roof
10.Go to starbucks
11.Go to kawii crepe
12.Get the iPhone 5
13.Apply for 5 scholarships for University
14. Get a henna tattoo
15. Go to a mall in Florida
16.Get abs
17.Go to fun mountain
18.Get a penny board
19.Make hand made neon bracelets
20.Hug a sloth and remember is to be happy :)

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