Thursday, 14 November 2013

Quick Write/If I was a leaf

You are a leaf and fall has started. Explain how you feel about this.

I feel sad and worthless. I feel like the tree never even needed or wanted me in the first place. I feel insecure about myself because I'm turning brown and ugly colors. I feel like my whole life is crumbling before my very eyes. I fall down onto the grass and the tree looks mad at me and terrifying because it's looking down upon me and it's so tall. The tree to me is a giant and to everything else I feel like nothing. I wonder why I even exist if all I did was fall apart. I keep on reminiscing on my life before this on how I used to be a beautiful shade of green and my beautiful family is all around me. I felt on top of the world because I was up higher then pretty much everything I could see.

    Now I can't even see my family I have no idea where they are. It's like a war just happened everyone is injured, crumbling, and broken. These little tiny legs keep on crawling and walking all over me. I just want this to all end.

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