Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Reading Assignment #6/Character POV- Creating Conversations

Book: Tuesdays with Morrie
Author: Mitch Albom
Pages read: 199

1.Morrie @Morrie
everyone is invited to my living funeral so I get to hear all the wonderful things you would say about me!
#loveyou #excited

2.Morrie @Morrie
I am not ashamed of dying I will not wither instead I will make do with the time I have left #live

3.Morrie @Morrie
I have no more privacy in my life #KnewItWasGoingToHappen

4.Morrie @Morrie
If you really want something in life then you'll make your dream happen #believeinyourself

5.Mitch @Mitch
I will miss Morrie but I still remember the last time he talked to me #HeWontBeForgotten

6.Morrie @Morrie
You need to make room for spiritual things in your life which means things that are materialistic #LovedOnes

7.Rob @Rob
everyone that has ALS, I hope they can find the healing power in grieving #BeStrong

8.Morrie @Morrie
Remember to love each other or perish, without love we are birds with broken wings #truth

9.Morrie @Morrie
If you want the experience of having responsibility for another human being and learn how to love in the deepest way, have children #soft

10.Mitch @Mitch
I wish I could have a stronger relationship with my brother #hurt

11. Mitch @Mitch
I feel ashamed, I brought hard food to Morrie's house and he can't have any #DidntKnow

12.Mitch @Mitch
I'm scared of Morrie dying in front of me #OneOfMyBiggestFears

13.Mitch @Mitch
I look foward to seeing Morrie on Tuesday #EveryTuesdayIseeMorrie

14.Morrie @Morrie
Music makes me cry when I think about it deeply #ItsBeautiful

15.Morrie @Morrie
The most important thing about marriage is your belief in the importance of your marriage #important

16.Morrie @Morrie
People are only mean when you threaten them #simple

17.Morrie @Morrie
Don't believe what our culture tells you to believe #AllALie

18.Morrie @Morrie
I'm bargaining with Him up there now. I'm asking Him, " Do I get to be one of the angels?" #praying

19.Morrie @Morrie
This disease may be knocking my spirit but it will not get my spirit, it will get my body #StayingPositive

Be compassionate and take responsibility for each other #WorldWouldBeABetterPlace

21.Morrie @Morrie
Forgive yourself before you die then forgive others #lessonlearned

22.Morrie @Morrie
Forgive yourself then forgive others while you are young don't wait #DoItNow

23.Morrie @Morrie
I mourn my dwindling time, but I cherish the chance it gives me to make things right #ThanksGod

If I could have another son, I would like it to be Mitch #lovehim

25.Morrie @Morrie
Giving to other people is what makes me feel alive #NothingElse

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