Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Social Fiction Project " Dreaming in Reality"

Created by: Jade Whittington


On Twitter @christinee15:

      The air seems fine but I feel like I'm heaving through corrupt lungs. There's a blue mist beyond the endless mountains and it seems to be sparkling and wandering lost in the dreamy sky. The sky looks like cotton candy but the moon disagrees. " I love you to the moon and back" I whisper into his delicate ear. Soft. Comforting. Safe. Three things that keep me feeling comfortably numb. Endless love is what he gives me.
     Loving him is easy. He lightly traces his fingers across my hand ever so gently. He is careful with every glance and touch he gives me always ending with a slight smile. His husky blue eyes and hunky figure not only leaves me drooling but warms every piece of my sensitive heart. My soft luxurious blonde hair blows in the wind and he holds my face and says " Wow are you ever beautiful". I begin to lead him into our well-kept cabin in the middle of nowhere. He slowly looks at the burning but peaceful candles which smell like vanilla. Then next at the neatly arranged vintage cutlery that seemed to be gleaming in the artificial light. The fireplace helped this cozy yet romantic atmosphere and mood in the room. The fire smelt like burnt marshmallows and reaked with summer memories. " Would you like some tea?" I asked softly and he just nodded and smiled with his perfect white teeth.
       The tea pressed against my soft pink lips as I told him a story with my eyes. A story of how I feel which is impossible to describe in words. " You're the best thing that has ever happened to me." I say as he seems to be enjoying himself by playing with my shiny hair. I begin to fall asleep in his strong and muscular arms as I watch the sun say goodnight to the moon  like a mother would say goodnight to her newborn child. I wake up to the smell of bacon and axe cologne. " Good-morning beautiful". He says while he winks at me. I feel my cheeks turning a warm pink as I make my way to the shower. " Morning Tyler".
      The hot steam sinks into my jet black soul and relives my crowded sinuses. I gaze into the beautiful view since the whole bathroom is all translucent. I step out and reach for my Victoria Secret lotion Tyler got me last summer. " I needed to get the perfect gift for the perfect model". He'd say. I walk back to the kitchen in just plain white shorts and a lavender tank top and high-five Tyler. " Good job on breakfeast babe it looks great". "Thanks". He smirks.
         " Happy six month anniversary by the way". He hands me a neatly wrapped gift with our initials on it in a heart. I smile and open it slowly and find out that it was a pair of chanel earrings! " Thank you so much I say as I'm almost in tears. We eat our breakfeast by the calming and still blue lake as I start putting the earrings on. " They look so beautiful on you and you deserve them". He whispers to me like he's whispering to the waves. Then the blur of those memories came back to me as I cried myself to sleep.

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