Thursday, 12 September 2013


Do you have a blog? Tell me about it.
    Yes I have instagram and I honestly find it so inspiring. Instagram motivates me to take bright and inspiring images, or even plain but interesting ones. This one girl really inspired me with her pictures of sunsets and bright slurpees and her bright room and she is always optimistic. I learned that even just a picture can make you think positive. Everything about her just gave me good vibes so I decided to make my instagram similiar and I gained lots of followers. Everyone on instagram is so friendly and it feels like I'm in a separate world where everyone actually gets along and everything is in it's perfect place.

When you read what happens in your mind?
    As soon as my fingers open up the covers of a book my imagination becomes a part of my mind. A new world begins and I'm a huge part of it even from the very beginning. I usually imagine myself as being the main character and I'm doing everything that the main character is doing. I feel like nothing else matters and all my worries and thoughts disappear. I feel all the emotions that the characters experiance. If someone dies in the book I feel like I've known them for a long time and I cry. I also feel like when there is strong relationships in the book I feel the relationships as if I'm in the same one.

What is the best book you've ever read?
  The best book that I have ever read was Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer because it always gave me goosebumps and kept me reading and wondering what was going to happen next. The book was also really romantic but also heartbreaking. My favourite part was when Bella, the main character that's dating a vampire, ends up having a baby and her soul mate Edward Cullen has to turn her into a vampire. Even though vampires aren't real, I feel that Stephanie Meyer really brings vampires to life in this book.

What words pop into your mind when you think of reading? Why?
   Imagination, escape and relaxation come into my mind when I think of reading. Firstly, imagination because I imagine the characters coming to life and I imagine the scenes of the book in my mind. Secondly, escape because whenever I want to escape from reality I open up a book that I'm interested in. Lastly, relaxation because I feel so relaxed and nothing else matters or goes through my mind except for what's happening in the book.

Do you have a smart phone with internet access?
  Yes, I have a smart phone with internet access and I think it comes in handy a lot. Basically the whole world and anything you want to know about you can find out in the matter of seconds. You can also download apps that could help you with any subject that you need help with in school. I think it's a great and effective way to connect with the beautiful world and find out all it's features.  Also an easy way to keep in touch with friends especially ones that may have moved away. You also in a way feel like your a part of society and that you "belong" since everyone else is on this website or app. I think my smart phone is great for learning new things and keeping in touch with the world.

By: Jade Whittington

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